Moving to Dubai

moving to dubai

It has been over a year or two since I have blogged about anything cake related. I have missed it immensely but have hardly had any time to spare a minute to sit down at my laptop to write reviews or showcase any of my recent works!
I have a number of cake pictures that I need to upload but right now I am in no rush! I just want to take it nice and eassssyyyyy.

So as you may have guessed from the title of this blog post; me and my family have moved to Dubai. As much as I would love to say it has been easy and stress free … it has been the complete opposite! You just make the silly assumption that everything will be on the internet, telling you step by step what to do and how to do it. oh no…. no no no no no… how naive I was!!! You’ll find it yes, but in drips and drabs, on this website or that website. We just needed it all on one page was it so hard to ask? Apparently so! Or perhaps I just wasn’t looking in the right places which was probably the case (as always!). However, considering my hubby had a look online and could not find simple steps on how to do things, I did think to myself perhaps I have looked.
We had to do most of the finding out for ourselves which was incredibly time consuming and quite tiring if I’m honest. BTW – when I say ‘we’, most of the time it means my husband hahaha!

For those of you who are hoping to get a job in Dubai and would like to know how to do it (if you don’t already). I will try and upload a step by step list of what we had to get done in order to get our jobs secured in Dubai and to migrate here. I know I will end up leaving things out because there genuinely was so many things that we had to get done. So if I do forget, please do excuse my forgetfulness and I will try to correct it when I get the chance 🙂

Yes, this blogpost is not about cakes! I have had many people asking me to write this up so that they know in the future what the process is like and how to get through it all. Hopefully when I get the chance to do baking again I will start uploading some blogposts on here yay!

Please note that I will not be disclosing where me and my family work, or which school my children are attending, I hope you can respect this choice. I have put this disclaimer out on here because I know people will ask and there’s always this question in the back of people’s minds. “Ooooh wonder where they work, I wonder if they’ll tell us?”… You know how I know?…. Because I am one of these people hahaha!

In the meantime keep an eye out for my dubai blog posts as well as my cakes posts!



Helloooooo everyone!!!
It’s been a veryyyyy long time since I had initially planned to start a blog and now I have finally started on my journey… Woohooo!!!
First things first, thank you for coming to my page and for your support. I could not have come this far without you all, not forgetting the Almighty of course 😉
I hope to start making and creating new cakes and cupcake creations which will wow you all and also to hopefully give you an opportunity to try things out at home!
My cake venture started when I was very young as I have always enjoyed uh hummmm eating cake *covers face* and making cake too! I had never really thought about decorating them until I got married and my sister in laws kept telling me to learn. So off I went, searched high and low, and to my delight I found hundreds of tutorials on YouTube. It was just amazing the amount of techniques I learnt from that one site alone! However, I did find that some things just weren’t covered on YouTube or even in books, and some cake makers just weren’t willing to give me the lowdown on how to do specific things such as how to avoid elephant skin and ripping when covering a cake! After asking many people and extensive experimenting I finally found something that works for me! (I will be doing a blog post post on this soon!)
That’s when I decided to make my own page to help others as well as try out new things!
After learning these new skills that’s when I started to sell to the public and you can view my personal Facebook page here

Soooooo… I hope you enjoy my page as much as I will enjoy blogging, experimenting, caking, eating, and just getting dirty with all the mess!!

Much Cakey Love