Naked Wedding Cakes

Vintage Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake

I remember the first time I heard someone mention those three words ‘naked wedding cake’. I couldn’t help but snigger at the thought of a cake looking naked because I had never seen one, or so I thought! It just sounded rather strange and obscure!

In the Spring of 2013, whilst looking through my Squires Wedding Cakes Magazine, the naked cakes on one page caught my eye and I just thought WOW I so need to try and make one of these. I love how natural they look with a touch of rustic depending on how the cake is decorated.

My first attempt was for my brother’s wife who came over with her family for the first time to my parent’s house and I really wanted to make something special but not too difficult. (Total underestimation alert!)

I had to use my gran’s oven which doesn’t distribute heat as well as my oven so the sponge came out pretty ermmm hard! Well harder than I am used to anyways as my parents loved it phewww!

To decorate, I filled it with fresh cream and strawberry conserve, decorated it with fresh berries and a dusting of icing sugar on top. Not bad for a first attempt, but could do with A LOT of improvements! Please do excuse the photography, these were all taken on my phone!

Very Berry Cake

After this day I had the opportunity to create a beautiful vintage chocolate naked cake for an event held by my sister in-law. Now of all the people I know, she has always been the person encouraging me to try new things, new concepts with cake design and to always be innovative. She has been one of the many people who is responsible for being the driving force for Nel’s Cake Boutique through support and her constantly opening new doors for me to try new things which is a cake maker’s dream!

So I showed a naked wedding cake picture to her which I got my inspiration from and that was it, she was on board from the get-go it was brilliant!

I will hopefully be doing a short step by step tutorial on how I made sure to keep my chocolate cakes moist and how I set up beforehand and at the venue to give you an idea of what methods I used. To make sure not to miss out make sure to follow me on the button on your bottom right hand corner 🙂

As I was saying… To team this beautiful cake, I made miniature cupcakes dusted with sugarflair antique gold lustre dust and placed them inside a vintage glass storage jar. Now, it’s no secret where I got these from but to add some suspense I’ll keep you guys waiting for a while before I do spill the beans 😉
Vintage Jar Filled With Miniature Chocolate Muffins

Cupcakes were also made to meet the theme of the rustic/shabby chic theme with a scattering of pearl necklaces over the display.


Must admit, but of all the set-up’s that I have done, this one was probably my favourite as it all came together so perfectly and better than I had envisaged.

4                       3

Before I forget. Those vintage glass jars were from 99p store! Did you manage to get some when they were selling these Have you ever tried to do a naked wedding cake? How did you find the process? I would love to hear what you guys think so make sure to leave a comment below!

Nelepa Ullah
Nel’s Cake Boutique


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