Finally back again

Very short post before I head to bed, but I feel the need to let you all know the reasons behind being away for such a long time!

Firstly, my laptop screen broke. I was too lazy to get it fixed as my laptop appeared to be on its last legs so I just left my precious black laptop lying around and I slowly became hooked to my iPad which I found great for wasting time seeing that the wordpress app was very limited on what I could do on it!

Finally got around to rebooting the laptop last week (which proved almost near to impossible arghhh!!) and then had the screen fixed. Waheyyyy I’m back and I’ve revamped this page and still not finished with it yet either 🙂
All the same, I have done a few bits and pieces which I will upload slowly but surely for you to all see.

Goodnight my cakey friends xxx


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