Essentials – Anti Slip Mat

Anti Slip Mat

antislip mat edit 1


1. When decorating a cake and I use my flat wilton turn-table, I place a small cut off of the mat and place it onto the turn-table so when I put my cake on top it stops it from moving whilst I do my crumb-coating and decorating!
2. Place a small cut off onto the box of the cake that you will place into it, it helps to stop the cake from moving too much.
But that’s just me, I like to take extra precautions! antislip mat edit 2

3. I also place it under the cake box when delivering the cake as I place it into the boot of the car. Obviously it just ensures that the box isn’t flying around all over the place whilst the car is moving!

Where can you get it from?
I bought my first roll from Ebay, just to try out the quality and durability of it. It cost me about £1.29 including delivery. However, I did come to find that many pound shops sell them for… you guessed it, a pound! Same length and width, so I would definitely check out those pound shops first before trying Ebay. I did find that Wilkinson’s sell it too but it’s quite expensive in there if you’re going to be using so much of it!
If you don’t have much time to go out to search for them, click here to purchase it form Ebay. If the link stops working then type in ‘anti slip mat carpet’ into the search bar.

antislip mat edit 3What do you use to keep your cakes sturdy when delivering? Have you ever used anti slip mats? If you have what do you think, and if you haven’t then tell me what you think if you get the chance to try it!


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